Two Poems to start

Here are a couple of poems spontaneously appeared in my head and flowed out onto the page.

Three Feathers

a feather floats down
on a billow of wind.
newly preened,
glossy reflections dance within.
a fletcher’s delight,
long, straight and light.

a feather drops down
weighed by ebbing life,
sanguine soaked,
crimson evidence tells the tale.
an archer’s quarry
freed from worry.

a feather floats down
to the burnt ashen ground
freshly singed,
coal black fledgling down once was white
an avian’s flight,
man ends tonight



into the place that only you and I know.
The bright light where our tongues touch
surrounds the black hole of our insecurities
into my hair and touch your ear to mine
breath in the tension of the unfulfilled desires
which give me hope and break my heart
into my chest and feel it’s rhythm against your back
My longing arms seek to lock you away
and imprison you in love forever
into the warmth of our final embrace
touch the fading embers of our unity
which console us as our light goes out



About Eric Kovach

Spiraling out of control~~~~~~o
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One Response to Two Poems to start

  1. ksbeth says:

    Nice that you with what flows from you – good poetry/ imagery )

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