Your words

Your Words

Your words
Embrace my anxieties
and subdue them with wonder.

Your words
Send my mind down the rabbit hole of nuance
and taunt me with echoes of possibilities.

Your words
pull back the curtain of my soul
and kick my heart’s ass.

Your words
Slice through the fog of apathy
and weave its edges with color.

Your words
make my words jealous
and send them seeking solace in your pen

But most of all

Your words
make me want more
of your words.


About Eric Kovach

Spiraling out of control~~~~~~o
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6 Responses to Your words

  1. Lovely. I know exactly how this feels.

  2. Mike says:

    Right back at ya Eric.

  3. rawencounterswithestella says:

    Hauntingly clever.

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