when you are in the room

when you breathe to me

even the air is an intoxicant and

when you leave

it is poison

when I read you

each letter like a grain of sand

scratches my eyes

ripping tears across my vision

I print your words so that

I can burn them and

inhale your mind


About Eric Kovach

Spiraling out of control~~~~~~o
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16 Responses to influence

  1. janineyork says:

    Poetry it is. It is so full of passion and romanticism. What a way you have with words!

  2. j.h. white says:

    You crack me up…this is like some mad scientist mixing volatile in congruent ingredients in order to create the atomic cocktail of love…. !

    • Eric~ says:

      I’m always happy to entertain. I actually toned this down a little bit before i posted it. Something about injecting ink and ashes…didn’t quite fit my mood at the time. 🙂

      “atomic cocktail of love” <—love it..

  3. this is steamy-intense.

  4. Eric, I love this. So simple and yet cutting through to what’s true.

  5. Great romantic rant. Love that “tears” can be read and works
    with both meanings/pronunciations.
    …and unless I’m mistaken…you’ve been lazy…
    I still don’t have an “about” page though, so I guess I shouldn’t talk…

  6. Alice Keys says:

    Wow. Like this A LOT. Very romantic. A bit into creepy land with the inhaling the burning words. But in a good way. Keep writing. Alice

  7. Such simplicity jam packed full of intensity. Love!

  8. wow that hits close to home. really good stuff.

  9. edr33 says:

    I print your words so that

    I can burn them and

    inhale your mind’

    I love this verse….you were in that place where secrets are made! Cheers!

  10. heysugarsugar says:

    this is so beautiful x

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