Savage Elegies

This is my first reblog.
I’ve been mulling over ideas for a post Boston tragedy poem, but potterfan97, author of mywordpool, has written a moving, powerful, stirring poem capturing all the sentiments I’ve been feeling and more. Thank you, potterfan97.


The world is being so loud today.

Shut UP, I’m trying to concentrate!

For the love of God,

What’s that outside the door?

Oh yes, that would be the shrieks

Of more hijacked planes, more

Falling towers –

Or perhaps the soft whistle

Of another bomb,

Another death sentence for

Some kindhearted people running in

Honor of dead babies.

And is that…? Of course!

I hear the trumpets now,

Blaring out the screams of

Starving children

In an impressive crescendo of

Torment and misery.

Hear now, the precarious rise and fall

Of the notes,

And then


Stop, STOP!

I cover my ears in an attempt to block out

The freshly added choir of voices

Singing out the despair of

The earth,

Choking on the poison fed to her

By her own children.

Are you listening?

That’s the hymn of terrorists,

And murderers,

And gunmen

Cackling with glee over

The death…

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