The Black Monkey’s Desires

Fair warning. This story is vile, disgusting, putrid and just plain gross. Please do not read it. I am serious. Don’t read it.

Getting my pre face on:

Somewhere along the line I began to feel like I’ve lost my talent for prose (if that talent even existed). In an effort to snap my mind out of whatever rut it was in, I decided to revisit a short story that I start around halloween last year. This was in response to an old Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge.   I needed something to get me back into writing fast so I decided to take on the challenge. I didn’t like any of the title choices so I decided to go for the Remix option and came up with The Black Monkey’s Desires. The idea for the story came from a funky pattern I see every morning on one of my shower tiles, that looks like a Wizard of Oz flying monkey pinned to a tree like he’s crucified. Since I usually write nice, pleasant stories, I decided to break out of my mold and write something creepy and gross. I decided that the sicker the better. Well it turned out pretty sick. So sick, I had to put it away. But the fact that it wasn’t finished was eating away at me. I hate having unfinished projects lying around. Which is why I’m in a constant state of hating. Two novels, several short stories. So I vowed to finish this ….thing. And I did. Ugh. I finished it.

Second warning: If you decide to read ahead BE WARNED. It is vile. It’s disgusting. It will make you dislike me profusely. Please don’t read it. In my defense, I had just finished reading Chuck’s fantastic short story collection Irregular Creatures so I claim that as having defined my state of mind.

Now, on to the horror:

The Black Monkey’s Desires


The Female of the Species Is More Deadly than the Male


Eric Kovach

“So it’s through my heart.” The gurgling, grey-black bubble that formed over the black demon-monkey’s mouth suggested that it was through his lung too. The rusted iron post that his mate had thrust through him at the height of her climax had pinned him to the ancient, scarred tree against which he now took his final breaths.The river of his blood trailing down the length of the post, and pooling on the ground below its concrete-crusted base was further proof that his end was near. Even the tree seemed to know he was done for as it sucked his pooled death-blood from the cracked surface of the earth into its roots. He tried to laugh and it came out as “Kehhk, kehhk.” With each laugh, a spray of inky blood spewed out and landed on the greasy black fur of his abdomen and thigh. His inflamed eyes rolled in his head. “Have I ever looked so good to you, my love?”  he asked the female demon-monkey who was advancing on him with lustful  malice in her fiery eyes.

“I do like you helpless and bleeding, lover. The bloodier the better.” She reached up a black-taloned hand and gave the fence-post a little twist sending a river of blood down her lover’s furry chest and into his crotch. His head flung back against the tree as he howled in ecstatic agony and then hissed with pleasure as the hot blood coated his scaly, shriveled penis. “Kehhkk, kehhk,” he laughed softly, “How about one more lick for old times sake? Khehhhhk!” He tried to gesture to his ruined organ with his right wing, but it hung, extended, off his back like a limp, shredded cowhide suspended from a tree branch. His other wing, equally useless, was nestled in a wadded heap, at the top of the tree, where it fell after his mate had torn it off him. In the throes of passion she had become exceedingly powerful. And mean..

She bared her yellowed, crusty fangs as a droning rumble rose up from her throat. She slid one finger along the length of the iron shaft, collecting her lover’s leaked essence in her cracked and twisted talon. She raised her bloodied hand to her chest and rubbed the blood over her calloused nipple which responded by sending out it’s pink inner core like the excited penis of a tiny hellhound. She continued her menacing advance on her trapped lover but abruptly stopped short, rubbing her filthy, gnarled hand over her stomach, smearing the already matted fur with greasy black blood. Her abdomen grew visibly as she stroked herself. “Our spawn grows within me.” she crooned in a voice like breaking leg-bones. “He will be a king among demons and not a mere pawn, like you.

“You…you always wanted your own little demon.” he whispered in a soft, wheezing voice, incongruous with his fanged, blood-soaked, scowling visage. “I’m glad to know that my seed was at last good for something.  Khekkkhh! Come, give me one last bite of your flesh before I expire. Let me taste your lovely putrid skin.” He tried to wrap his armored tail around her leg, but he could barely twitch it.

“Oh, so weak, my love? I will …” she gasped and threw her head back as if she had been struck in the face. She narrowed her eyes to the barest slits, and looked down at her growing, bulbous, hairy belly The fur appeared to be boiling. “Ahhh lover, it’s too late for that now. Our child will be here soon and he’ll need his first meal.” She screamed a hoarse, high pitched cry and leapt upon her lover’s thighs, pinching his already mangled member between her talons and his leg and knocking loose a few scales. He cringed and bellowed an unintelligible oath as she grasped the iron post with both clawed hands. She tried to wrench it free but the tree seemed to fold in upon itself, grasping the heart-shaped finial even tighter, its branches seeming to try to wrap around the captive demon.. He bent his head closer to her and sank his fangs into her shoulder, tickling and probing the twin holes with each fork of his mottled pink and grey tongue. She shrieked and clamped her mouth around his eye socket, tearing loose his orbital bone with a jerk of her head.  He threw back his head ripping the putrid black skin from her shoulder. Suddenly released from his grip, she flung herself backward, clutching the iron post in her grimy paws. The force was enough to wrench the finial out of the tree’s grasp, sending her flying back, pulling the post through her lover’s body. The tree’s branches seemed to sprout thorns which dug into the demon-monkey’s leathery hide holding him in place as the finial of the post dragged his lifeless heart through the hole in his chest in a mass of stretching and snapping veins and oozing, bubbling blood.

As she tumbled through the air, her vaginal flaps flew open like a trap door, smacking wetly against her thighs, and her uterine muscles squeezed a slime-covered milky white sac shot with red and black veins out through the gaping opening between her legs. Streamers of acidic amniotic fluid stretched and swirled around it in a gelatinous pinwheel of putrescence.  It was flung away from her as she flew end over end and landed in a heap on the cracked ground with the iron post landing squarely across her throat, crushing her larynx. The embryonic sac flew to the limit of its uncoiling umbilicus and landed in the dirt a short distance away like a giant glob of phlegm.

She threw the post off her throat and tried to scream, but it came out as a mere screeching hiss. She struggled to her knees and grasped her umbilical cord with both hands. Hand over greasy hand, she pulled the quivering, oozing embryonic sac toward her, leaving a trail of steaming blackened dirt in its wake. When the sac reached her knees, she plucked her husband’s heart off the end of the post and held it in one hand toward the steaming mass.  “Come, my son” she crooned in a voice sounding like a rock slide. “Come. Eat your first meal. The heart of your father.”

At once the slimy skin of the protruded toward the heart in her hand. Once…twice…and then the baby’s forearm blade, silvery and wet, sliced through the outer membrane of the sack, spraying ichor all over the waiting mother. “Yes!” she screeched, “Come my s….NO!” It was then that a second forearm blade sliced the opening larger and a golden-plated head popped out, all bloodshot eyes and slaverin grin. The infant focused its eyes on its first meal.

“NO!” she shrieked, “Not a female!” She threw the heart at her daughter and scrabbling in the dirt, tried to push herself away from the sweetly foul creature.. The infant caught the heart in one tiny clawed hand even as she shrugged off the limp skin of her erstwhile home. She sniffed the heart and scowled at the mother, who made it to her feet and turned to run. The baby flung the heart into the tree and neatly sliced both of her mother’s achilles tendons. The mother had no more words as her newborn daughter plunged a claw into her chest and ripped out her hot, beating heart and took her first taste of demon flesh.

Her golden skull already blackening, the child’s first act as the new matriarch of her family was to defecate on her father’s corpse before spreading her wings for the first time and flying off in search of a lover to victimize.

© 2013 Eric Kovach

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  1. Sweet jaysus, Eric. It’s a whole new side to you. And I like it!

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