My Mother

All of my life ago

you held me closer than any other.

Not long after

you made me a brother.

You taught me



and fun.

You gave me



and sun.

Half of my life ago

you left us forever.

So many questions

to be answered, never.

You left us



and lost.

You followed your heart

whatever the cost.

I turned my back

without a second glance.

I never said goodbye.

The years took my chance.

I didn’t know

I would lose you

forever, that day.

Too soon, your love

was taken away.

It’s taken all my life

for me to realize.

It was nobody’s fault

and I was perfect in your eyes.

I have but one life

a gift from another

and for this I thank you

and love you

my Mother.


About Eric Kovach

Spiraling out of control~~~~~~o
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7 Responses to My Mother

  1. Oh, love. I love this. I’m sorry my friend. ❤

  2. potterfan97 says:

    This was so beautiful.

  3. kirstyacirs says:

    I feel your words

  4. kirstyacirs says:

    I met this man recently. He upturned my world. Wonderful poet.

    For Julie

    If I could tie a river around my love’s waist like ribbon,
    make sails out of her blood
    and pin down death like a squirming bug.

    If I could lift and rock each coffin in my arms
    I would start with hers.

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