A Dream of Two Mountains

I awaken into a dream

floating adrift on a barge woven from

time and my heartless soul,

weighed down by anchors of regret,

upon a sea of misery and confusion.


Two mountains rise before me,

not out of distance but out of the fabric of time

The one, powerful, wrathful, exquisite in her beauty.

She hurls her will and her rage like molten diamonds into the sea.

She rails against the existence forced upon her

with fire and lava and steam.

She expends herself until she cools,

her glassy surfaces, hard and sharp.

I explore her treacherous canyons

as her claws catch my clothing and shred my flesh.

Slick with blood, I fall into her

and find within a soft beating heart of pure light,

enshrouded in veins of crystalline filigree.

Her essence discovered, she casts me out,

hurling me back into the sea like skipping stone.

I hear her laugh but my mind’s eye sees her weep.


The other, a presence of peace, calls to me

and I float to her shore.

She reaches to me with green meadows

and absorbs my regrets with acceptance.

She teems with life, verdant, backed by clear blue skies

and the promise of happiness.

For days I explore her pleasant valleys and rise high upon her peaks

but discover cliffs and impasses and pitfalls,

as if to tell me, “Follow the correct path or perish”

I follow her path willingly and discover deep within her, her essence-

an eye clear and bright, but made from the sadness of the knowledge of eternity.

Her gaze fixed upon me, she shows me my soul and I wish to flee,

but I am transfixed.

She gives me the way to salvation but I do not take it.

I am not worthy.

She releases me with a sigh.


I return to the shore to find a tree has grown

in the valley where the mountains’ roots intertwine.

A tree, tall and straight with a million woven branches

that can be seen from all sides at once.

I lay down at the base of the tree

and sleep for a thousand days

and awaken to a fluttering of wings.

An owl with endless eyes alights near me.

“Who?” she whispers. “Who will be next?”

“Hush Owl,” I sigh. “Let me rest in peace.”


About Eric Kovach

Spiraling out of control~~~~~~o
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11 Responses to A Dream of Two Mountains

  1. Wow. This is fantastic. Super powerful. I love it, friend.

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Oh wow Eric ~ most intriguing, and kept me engaged through entirety! Fantastic work my friend ~ x RL

  3. Chatty Owl says:

    This is so epic and the emotions are expressed in such a subtle way! The contrast between two mountains is so passionate, it made me all excited to read it to the end!
    Big smiles šŸ™‚

  4. potterfan97 says:

    This is incredibly beautiful, Eric. Wow.

  5. j.h. white says:

    This is an epic ode, Eric….wonderful insights here. I love the lines…

    “A tree, tall and straight with a million woven branches

    that can be seen from all sides at once.”

    ……just beautiful

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