Buggin’ out

sometimes you’re the windshield
sometimes you’re the bug
this life, I’m the bug

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The Seed – Now Available on Lulu.com!!!

Helen Valentina is spectacularly talented poet and I’m looking forward to reading her novel “The Seed”


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Hi Everyone !  As promised, below you will find the  links to the paperback and ebook versions of my first novel The Seed.

Over the next couple of months it will be available also on Amazon – both paperback and eventually kindle version, Apple and Nook, in global distribution.  I’ll keep you up to date if any of these are preferred points of purchase.  🙂

In the meantime, the description of the novel is below.  It is a romance, essentially, but has a dark and ambiguous undertow, which will surprise none of you familiar with my poetry!

I hope if you choose to purchase that you enjoy the novel and I’d welcome your feedback.  🙂

Book Description


Sara Fraser, a solitary artist, is haunted by her dreams of a past life where she is deeply in love—a concept and experience foreign to her waking existence. Just as she is becoming…

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unheard confession

There are days that I hope
for a quick end,
silently begging for words
from my only friend.

She carries my heart
in a locked box,
leaving my chest filled
with cold rocks.

These days I wish
for a quick end.
The one that I love
has a new friend.

The one that I love
has left me behind,
cold and alone,
broken and blind.

Stumbling blind
in this embittered hell,
wishing for comfort,
for someone to tell.

I’d talk to the world
but my mouth is too meek,
for there’s only one person
to whom I can speak.

And I’ve forgotten how
to address her.
What to say when your confession
is your confessor?

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imagine a moment one night


clear night
local alley cat complains
to a street violin player’s refrains
socialite’s teacup chihuahua
yips along in time
empty gelato dish and spoon
float away on waiter’s hand
silver crescent hovers
reflected in my cup
a hook on a line in a milky lake
my attention caught
you reel me in
mind wanders as images scatter
off the fluttering surface
pen materializes in hand
table rocks as words appear on paper
these words

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mirage kiss


oasis dry

pool is empty, sun is high

vulture circles in the sky

burning sand on which we lie

has swallowed up your final sigh

your image floats so near my eye

give me one last kiss before I die

one last kiss

before i die

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I saw it this way today.


A blue skin stretches over my eyes
Loose or tight?
No wrinkles

A blade appears
White, wispy, but enough

The wound forms
With no opening

Blood collects
White but grey with thickness

Drops the color of everything
fall upon my face

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Keratin Agents


I sit and pluck my hairs

one by one

and drop them

on the passing travelers

as they rush to board their flights

to Dallas or  Shanghai or Berlin

or wherever

in hopes that one of them

will meet you


I will be close to you again

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We gathered light
and built a playground
and danced upon it’s rays for days

You saw the forest
and you ventured within
and heeded the beckoning of the trees

I tried to follow
and join your quest
and walked blind into the darkening light

In the documentary of our lives
what will the viewer see?
the trees
or the light
or you and me?

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Limited time only

My dear destroyer of hearts

please tell your next lover

of your rules of impermanence

before he puts his heart in play

Let him harden his heart

before he hardens his cock

and avoid an awkward scene

when you finally send him away

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the champagne has gone flat

gone are the bubbles

that used to make you giggle

and rub your nose

each drink is now

just a motion

to prolong existence

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